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Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Academy is a place where excitement and energy fill the air.

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Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Academy is a place where excitement and energy fill the air !

Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Academy
738 Main St.
Waltham, MA 02451


Victor Bublikov

Victor Bublikov Coach

Olga Simakova

Olga Simakova Co-owner

Olga has started her career first as a Rhythmic gymnast at the age of 4 and was trained in St.-Petersburg, Russia at Olympic reserve gymnastics school. She competed at the elite level at national and international meets and participated in numerous dance performances. She has been an acrobatic rock-n-roller since 1993. Olga received her choreographer’s degree at St-Petersburg College of Culture & Art in Russia and BS at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a certified coach and has been teaching competitive gymnastics and dance at high levels for over 15 years in the USA.
Vladislav Simakov

Vladislav Simakov Co-owner

Vlad started practicing and competed as an acrobatic rock-n-roller since 1991 in St-Petersburg, Russia and received his bachelor degree in Sport Management from St.-Petersburg Lesgaft Physical Culture University. During his 14 years of coaching experience he has raised national champions and winners of international tournaments and competitions in Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll, and was awarded a title of a Coach of the Highest Category by Russian Federation Ministry of Sport and Physical Education.
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