About Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Academy of Boston
Who Are We?
- Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Academy of Boston (ARRA) is the oldest DanceSport studio in USA proving professional instruction in acrobatic rock-n-roll to Youth, Junior couples, Formations, offering recreational program for fun and health, as well as competitive level training. Besides acrobatic rock-n-roll, we teach Gymnastics & Tumbling classes, Summer Camp, and organize exciting Birthday Parties for children. Our school is a member of USARRC (www.usarrc.org) US Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Confederation, national governing body for the sport of Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll in the United States, aiming to promote the physical training by means of sports activities in the form of Rock’ n Roll dance competitions, which is in its turn a member of WRRC (www.wrrc.org), World Rock-n-Roll Confederation.

What is different about us?

- Your child is important for us! We really want your child to progress for success, and we know the teaching methods how to achieve it. Children – is our specialty. Our instructors are true professionals with many years in sport and with teaching degrees. We are not just entertainers – we are educators! We are a united Team of coaches - very dedicated to this amazing World recognized sport, of Acrobatic Rock-n-roll, which provides a lot of benefits to participants! Our practices are safe and a lot of fun! We value your trust!

Recreational vs. Competitive

- We understand that not every parent/child is interested in competitions. And it is perfectly fine! We hope to be an inspiration for active healthy lifestyle, and motivation to exercise, try, learn, and improve new skills at our Recreational Gymnastics and Tumbling classes. Competitive Team requires commitment and designed for children who demonstrate progress and interest to excel and to move FAST. Prior experience in dance, gymnastics, cheerleading is desired, but not necessary – we will train, just give us a chance, and you will be surprised! Our students are Regional & National champions and winners of international tournaments.

What is Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll?

- If your child likes to dance, enjoys music, and Gymnastics? Then look no more! Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll combines its all! It is a very athletic, competitive form of dance that originated from Swing, and through the time has absorbed different forms of dance, including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary self-expressive movements, as well as gymnastics & acrobatic elements with spectacular partner acrobatic feats! This is a very fast and physically demanding dance.